Mission, vision, aims and objectives

The Royal Charter object

The object for which the Chartered Institute is established is to promote for the public benefit the theory and science of environmental health in all its aspects and the dissemination of knowledge about environmental health.

Our mission

To promote effective environmental health practice.

The five year vision

Leading, inspiring and delivering a safer, cleaner and healthier world.

Our strategic aims

  • Set and maintain high standards in education, training and professional behaviour.
  • Promote excellence in environmental health practice
  • Be the voice of the profession in the promotion of public health, sustainable development and climate change solutions.
  • Increase the knowledge and application of environmental health practice.
  • Provide products and services to support environmental health gains.
  • Be an inclusive membership body.

Our unique proposition

We are a charity, with a Royal Charter dedicated to advancing the cause of improved environmental health for public benefit through our stakeholders' activities and those of our members. Profits generated by our activity are used to support our continuance and sustainability. We are a true professional social enterprise.

Core values

We are committed to:

  • Openness, fairness, honesty, trust, integrity, equality, equity and accessibility in all dealings;
  • The pursuit of knowledge competence and excellence;
  • The pursuit of sustainable development; and
  • Working with and through others.
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